Monday, 11 September 2017

Quality of canvas prints explained

What are some of the things you look for as you order canvas prints from any vendor? These prints have become popular today because they are relatively cheaper per size compared to other photographic media. They are also very light and easy to decorate with -- simply hung on the wall. However, canvas prints are considered artier than other photographic media because the details of the image are not as finer due to the texture of the canvas.

Even as you order canvas prints, remember that not all of them are durable or rather; all do not have equal durability. This is because of the fact that quality and coating of the canvas varies. The differences in quality result in difference in pricing, so that customers can actually go for budget canvas done on the spot and with no lacquer. These prints are easily scuffed and scratched off especially if exposed to natural conditions such as moisture and dust. They will also not last for long if you attempt to clean them. You might want to buy more time for them by framing these behind a glass so they are kept away from moisture and glass. However, many people would feel that framing a canvas behind a glass negates the cost effectiveness (as you buy the glass frame) and makes it to lose the arty effect of a canvas.

If you are out to order canvas prints, you might want to check those that use highest grade museum optimized for photographic printing. It produces more detailed prints. The surface is also acid-free and water resistant. The fact that it has a high content of alpha cellulose in cotton, it is acid-resistant. Lack of optical brighteners in the material also affects longevity of the images. In other words, it can produce very high resolution canvas prints that last for longer now that they do not easily scuff or scratch off or damage when exposed to dust and moisture. Although you will be paying more when you order canvas prints of this nature, you are assured of a canvas that will not yellow, crack or curl.

This type of canvas is great if you are doing high end art and photographic reproductions where there is need for precision and very high resolution.

If you are ordering canvas prints, ask if they have been coated with a a roll-on lacquer. This material is invisible. It helps provide UV protection and waterproofing qualities. You can easily wipe off dust without spoiling the canvas.  

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