Saturday, 12 August 2017

Creating custom or personalised canvas prints

Most of us are aware of the option of popping into a gallery or visiting a website to buy canvas prints that have already been made. That option makes things easier and quicker for all of us. Have you ever thought of creating a personalized home environment? Yes, it is possible.
Personalized canvas printing or personalised canvas prints offer you the opportunity to bring your taste into the print and then to your walls. You will finally feel that you own the art work and the print too.

One way of personalizing your canvas prints is using a Easy Canvas Prints design tool. Such tools allow you to not only upload a photo of your own and choice and have it used in processing the canvas works, but also allows you to customize the artwork using image retouching techniques.

An Easy Canvas Prints design tool allows you to choose the size of your canvas work, for instance from the standard 0.75" to the gallery wrapped 1.5" finished sides. You can also select between image wrap, mirrored wrap, or custom hex code colors.

To create custom or personalized canvas prints, you just visit a website which allows creation of custom canvas prints.

Before starting to create a canvas print, check the pricing information or ask the provider: some will post that information online and you can check how much it will cost you to order canvas online in the personalized category after creating one.

For instance, a 8*10 size of .75 inches will be less costly than a 8*10 1.5 inch canvas. The two are also less costly than framed 8*10 canvases. The price increases as the size increases in the three categories; 0.75 inch, 1.5 inch and framed categories.

Once you click "start now" or "design now," you are taken to a page where you choose your desired type of product from the canvas prints, wall displays, photo blankets, collages, metal prints, wood prints, slat prints and pillow prints.

Let's take an example where you want to create a wall display. After making that selection, you are taken to another customization page where you select the number of canvases, which defines the display area. For instance, 3 canvases might cover a 26 by 38 inches area while 5 canvases can cover a display area of 26 inches by 54 inches. Pricing varies depending on the number of canvas and display area these canvases can cover.

After that you can upload your images and do other customization. You then add to cart in the normal way of ordering canvas prints in UK and then print.

If you are doing a real canvas print, you will be directed to the page where you select the size of the canvas and then can proceed to upload your image and do other customization. Remember, various canvases are priced depending on their size, which you can also customize, say from a drop down menu.

You can order canvas prints in the custom categories if you are an indoor pillow designer. In this case, you can do and customize your own designs in terms of photo, image and colors before printing.  

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