Monday, 17 October 2016

The Essentials to Keeping a Canvas Print in Great Condition

Canvas prints, photographs, paintings, collages and other decors for the living space enliven the house in a manner only good art can. Art as wall decor is a good thing to surround yourself with. If you are a painter yourself, you can have your paintings turned into personalised canvas prints and decorate your studio with those for inspiration.

Canvas prints or paintings need to be maintained, if you want to preserve the quality for a long time. Understanding some very simple tips and keeping them in mind, when you put up your canvas art is all that is required to keep it in excellent condition for many years to come.

Consider the Effect of Moisture and Humidity

The canvas, being an organic material is affected by moisture. Mildew and moulds can grow and spoil the painting or the print. Keeping that in mind, it is best to place your personalised canvas print someplace that is not damp. A well-ventilated place which does not accumulate moisture is good for your canvas. If you want to have a canvas painting or print in your kitchen, it is best to place it far away from the cooking station.  

Consider the Effect of Heat and Sunlight

‘Keep away from direct sunlight' is commonly written on labels of canned stuff and other packages. Well, it holds just as true for your canvas print. Too much direct sunlight can make the ink fade over time even if the ink used is UV protected and deteriorate the quality of work. The same applies for heat.  Exposure to heat over long periods of time exponentially degrades the quality of the print, the framework, and the canvas. 

Although it is common in many houses to place artwork over the fireplace, it is not a good idea in the long run if you want to maintain the superior quality of the canvas and the printing ink or paint. Constant exposure to heat wears down natural materials like wood and cotton due to excessive dryness and degrades frames and canvas. 

Handle Dusting in A Proper Way 

Water, solvents, and polish are a strict no-no when it comes to cleaning your personalised canvas print. To avoid the accumulation of dust, it is necessary to dust the canvas regularly. Feather dusters or other natural dusters and paint brushes are well suited for that purpose and should be used gently to brush off dust. Avoid using fibre or synthetic dusters or brushes as they make the canvas electrostatically charged, which attracts more dust. 

Handling with Care

Handling your personalised canvas prints in UK with care is a requisite if you don’t want to detract from its beauty. Avoid touching the canvas roughly or with your hands as much as possible to avoid leaving fingerprint smudges. Soft cotton gloves are a good choice when you must touch the surface. Also, holding the framed canvas from the sides is a better idea than holding it from the front. 

Framed canvas paintings have stood the test of time as wall d├ęcor. Professionally created canvas prints are just as good for colouring up your room! 

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